Discourse analysis among the ‘hippie’ sub-culture

In the course of my internet wanderings I came across the following blurb. It is a pointed articulation of Self and Self-understanding by an anonymous individual who self-identifies as a hippie. Any person out there interested in analysing this body of ‘talk’ (as Cultural Schema theory would say):

im weird, but in a good way.. im constantly challenging my thoughts and beliefs, and even if i dont express it, im always second guessing yourz… i love god, the universe, whatever, and am a vessel for his doing… my greatest concern is the state of our planet as it stands today, which is a mirror image of the state of humanities mental and spiritual development as a whole.. i care beyond comprehesion about those who i am close too, although i will not submit myself to negative ramblings and pessimistic thoughts of anyone… i love my animals, because they know more than me… i beleive in fairies, angels and gremlins (as one lovely kitten put it) and embrace all in absolute love and respect.. i love to be in the wilderness and have a particular fondness for themountains in winter and waterside in summer.. i am constantly trying to improve my understanding of this life, and experience all which it is offering me, though true to cancerian style, i value my families opinion above most other things.. when i try new things out i generally am timid at first, then take it to its furthest limits.. if you tell me no i will bend the rules until i can… as long as it doesnt seem to hard… because i beleive life isnt meant to be a struggle… how hard has it felt every time you have truly followed your heart without thought to human consequence?? i dont like feeling pressure to perform… lets just let it happen.. experiment with me, lets go do something crazy, and try something completely out of the ordinary… like drive through macchukks backward, or enjoy the time spent in solitary contemplation as much as popular accolade, or spend an entire summer in canberra… hug a tree with me and sit on the rox while drinking copius amounts of moonshine… just for fun 😉

Oh dear.

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