Fine beggars for begging: great idea!


 ‘Early next month the Alice Springs Town Council will meet to give further consideration to an idea that is surreal in its senselessness.’

Graham Ring from the National Indigenous Times contemplates a proposal ‘that beggars belief’:

“All in the golden afternoon, full leisurely we glide. For both our oars, with little skill, by little arms are plied. While little hands make vain pretence our wanderings to guide.”


The opening lines of Alice in Wonderland are not an assessment of the Alice Springs Town Council’s (ASTC) capacity to govern in the best interests of the Aboriginal people who live in the Territory’s second largest town. Punters though, could be forgiven for drawing that conclusion as they ponder the remarkably mean-spirited dumbness of a raft of new by-laws under consideration by the ASTC.


Consider for example proposed by-law number 57 (Begging):

(1) A person must not beg or solicit money or goods in a public place.

(2) A person who contravenes clause (1) is guilty of an offence. Further investigation suggests that persons found guilty of said offence shall be liable to a fine of $130.


There is a problem here, Sherlock.  And quite frankly, we are a tad concerned that you didn’t twig to this a good bit earlier.’


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