Quoting Hobbles Danaiyarra: Captain Cook in the VRD, Northern Territory

This Cook story is part of the ‘Cook Saga’ by Hobbles Danaiyarra, a ‘historian and a political philosopher by inclination, and a Lawman and community leader by education, birth, and community demand’, from the VRD in the NT.


“You, Captain Cook, and Gilruth, you kill my people. You been look around, see the land now. People been here, really got their own culture. All around Australia. Really Australia, because Aboriginal people with different, different language. Different, different language, lot of people.

And right up to Gurindjai now we remember for you two fellow Captain Cook and Gilruth. I know.

Why didn’t you look after London and Big England? Why didn’t you stop your government, Captain Cook? Youre the one been bring him out now, all your government Big England. You been bring that law. My law only one. Your law keep changing.

I know you keep changing lotta law. You, Captain Cook, you the one been bringing in new lotta man. Why didn’t you give me fair go for my people? Why didn’t you give it me fair go? Should have askem about the story. Same thing, I might go on another place, I must askem.

I might stay for couple of days. You know. That’s for the me fellow Aboriginal people. But  you, Captain Cook, I know you been stealing country belong the me fellow. Australia, what we call Ausstralia, that’s for Aboriginal people. But him been take it away.

You been take that land, you been take the mineral, take the gold, everything. Take it up to this Big England. And make all that thing and make you big Parliament too.

Nother thing. Captain Cook coming back big boss now. Bringing nother lot government belong you. Still you been bring your book, and follow your book, Captain Cook. We know you government” (quoted in Bird Rose 2001, p. 68).



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