Quoting: We be an unsettled Nation


‘We often speak of Australia as a ‘settler’ nation, but the ‘uncanny’ can remind us that a condition of unsettledness folds into this taken-for-granted mode of occupation.

We often imagine a (future) condition of ‘reconciliation’, and indeed, a great deal has been invested in the packaging of this image as a means of selling it to the nation – but the ‘uncanny’ can remind us of just how irreconcilable this image is with itself.

It is not simply that Australians will either be reconciled with each other or they will not; rather, these two possibilities (reconciliation; the impossibility of reconciliation) coexist and flow through each other in what if often, in our view at least, a productively unstable dynamic’ (Gelder & Jacobs 1998, p. 24).


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Filed under Anthropology, Current social issues, Indigenous Australia

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