Sometimes ‘Boas’ sounds like an exclamation

Boas' interpretive dance entitled 'This is what if feels like to be an Anthropologist'

The most handsomely wonderful Mr. Boas


This is the most endearing Mr. Boas. What is he doing? Demonstrating the effects of long-term ethnography? No, Bree. Of course not.

According to ‘Material World‘ Boas had taken photographs of posed dancers and ceremonial orators but none of the Hamat’sa phase that he chose to depict. In order to ensure the gestural accuracy he offered to pose for a museum photographer himself – posing each ceremonial player: seated drummers, standing dance attendants, and crouching initiate. Yes, this image is part of a set. You should see them – they are so wonderful.


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One response to “Sometimes ‘Boas’ sounds like an exclamation

  1. Jwjwjw

    With his doctoral degree in Physics behind him, Franz devoted his ‘gap year’ to inventing the hoola hoop. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite refine his technique.

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